Father’s Day is all about honoring fatherhood, and the influence fathers have on our society. Great dads not only lead by example, but are proven to have significant positive effects on their children’s first steps towards independence. Those who grow up with involved father figures are less likely to have run-ins with the law, or perform poorly in school and at the job.These are only some of many reasons dads deserve being acknowledged and honored with a thoughtful gift on Father’s Day, even if finding the right one can be challenging. Not all dads are open about their hobbies and interests, but most certainly do enjoy cool gadgets and tech. Let’s check out some of the best Father’s Day gift ideas in a mission to help you choose the perfect Father’s Day gift to get your dad.

When is Father’s Day 2022?

This year, Father’s Day happens on Sunday, June 19. With just over a week left to find a unique gift for Father’s Day, it’s important to remember that the delivery of certain items, if bought online, may take several days. Now is probably the perfect time to order a gift for your dad, so that it can arrive in time for Father’s Day. In the case of Amazon and Best Buy, you can always keep an eye on shipping and arrival dates for each item, shown just over the “Add to Cart” and “Buy Now” buttons.

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Best Father’s Day deals right now

Best Buy is currently having a sale on select Samsung phones. These include the Galaxy Z Flip 3 and Z Fold 3, which are respectively having a $200 and $500 discount if you activate a carrier plan with your purchase. The Galaxy S21 FE and Galaxy A53 have also seen major discounts at the store with the same conditions. There are also trade-in options if you want to slash the price even more. All of these phones will make the perfect Father’s Day gift. 

Samsung is now slashing the price of both the Galaxy S22 Ultra and the Galaxy Tab S8 Ultra for father’s day. These devices are very high end, so a nice discount is very welcomed. You can slash the price even more if you trade-in an eligible device. Samsung is now accepting trade-in devices even if their screens are cracked, which is pretty cool.

At Samsung’s online store you can also find pretty great deals on the Galaxy Buds 2 and the Galaxy Watch 4 and Watch 4 Classic. These offers make the devices very affordable, and if your dad is into smartwatches or earbuds, these seem like nice gift options.

Best Buy is also holding its own Father’s Day sale on wearable devices. These include the Apple Watch 7, Watch SE, Watch 3, Samsung’s Galaxy Watch 4 and Watch 4 Classic.

Devices like the Garmin Venu and the Fitbit Sense are now $100 off, making a both nice and affordable Father’s Day gift. Other Garmin and Fitbit watches have also seen nice discounts.

Looking for a TV for your papa? There are two nice deals on 4K smart TVs at Best Buy. 

And what about a laptop? Best Buy is having even more offers on such devices. These include a couple of Chromebooks, the MacBook Pro 13.3, and the Lenovo IdeaPad 3. Check out the deals below.

Best Father’s Day Gift Ideas: phones 

Many dads are in desperate need of a new phone. This is because they often tend to hold onto these devices for a long time. Of course, this also means that dads aren’t very picky when it comes to what phone they are using, as long as it works well and lasts them long enough.

The Samsung Galaxy A53 5G is a very good mid-range phone and could make a wonderful Father’s Day gift. It has a nice quad-camera system, a long-lasting battery, and a wonderful display, and it is pretty affordable too.

Motorola’s new Moto G Stylus 5G is another great phone, especially for dads of a certain age. This phone has a stylus, which is very convenient for seniors when they try to hit the right digital button. The Moto G Stylus 5G has good cameras, a big battery, and a fast processor. Its screen is also pretty big, which means things will be easier to see.

If you’re looking for something even cheaper, we suggest you go for either Nokia’s G20 or Motorola’s Moto G Power (2022). Both of these phones’ batteries last for a long time, and they also have big and bright screens.

But what if you wanna spend some real money on a phone for your deeply loved father? Well, the Apple iPhone 13 is a phone that should last them a long time. 
The new iPhone SE (2022) is another great option that is also pretty affordable, especially if your dad comes from another iPhone with a home button. The iPhone 11 is another great option with a large screen and a nice camera setup.

Samsung’s Galaxy S22 lineup is pretty great too. These have amazing displays, good battery life, and very nice cameras.
The Galaxy Z Fold 3 is for the tech-savvy dad and will make for a very impressive-looking gift. The Z Fold 3 features a big foldable display and a fast processor.

Best Father’s Day Gift Ideas: tablets

What dad doesn’t like a tablet? Especially if they can watch their sports on it anywhere they like. This way there won’t even be a fight for the remote. Watching a sports game in the bathroom should be a dream come true for most dads, right?

Well, if you think your father would benefit from having a nice tablet, we suggest Apple’s newest iPad Air (2022) or iPad 10.2 (2021). Both these tablets have powerful processors, long-lasting batteries, and bright screens. They are also pretty lightweight, which makes them easy to carry around.

If your dad is more familiar with Android, we suggest going for one of Samsung’s Galaxy Tab S8 devices. These have amazing displays, fast processors, and big batteries.

Looking for something cheaper? Go for one of either Lenovo’s or Amazon’s tablets below.

Best Father’s Day Gift Ideas: smartwatches

What dad doesn’t like a nice watch? And what if it’s a smart one too? The Galaxy Watch 4 Classic is the perfect watch for someone that has a Samsung phone. It is both stylish and feature-full.

For Apple users, we suggest going for either the Watch SE or the Watch Series 7. You can’t afford such an expensive gift? That’s okay. The Apple Watch Series 3 is still available at a very affordable price.

Best Father’s Day Gift Ideas: headphones 

What about headphones? These come in many shapes and sizes. You could go for Apple’s AirPods 3 or Samsung’s Galaxy Buds. On-ear headphones are good for music, and the AirPods Max are pretty great.

Best Father’s Day Gift Ideas: accessories

If your father is the outdoorsy type, it might be a good idea to give him a power bank. Anker power banks are one of the best, so we’ve selected two below.

A home speaker, like Amazon’s Alexa-powered Echo Dot or Google’s Home speakers, could also come in handy for your dad.

And what about a tracking device? Your dad might want one to follow his pet or put in a car. If they often lose their wallet and keys an Apple AirTag or a Samsung SmartTag will also make a great Father’s Day gift.

Best Father’s Day Gift Ideas: TVs

Dads love TVs. This means that if you go for one, it is guaranteed your dad will find a place for it and appreciate it. We’ve selected a couple of TVs that might interest you.

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