Beats Fit Pro vs Beats Studio Buds Plus: What’s the difference?

While Beats is probably most famous for its over-the-ear headphones, it’s still a force to be reckoned with in wireless earbuds, given the brand’s signature aesthetics, bass-heavy sound, and ample marketing help from Apple. But there are two leading earbud options, the Beats Fit Pro and the Beats Studio Buds Plus, and the one to go with may depend on your personal needs and platform of choice.


Beats Fit Pro vs Beats Studio Buds Plus: At a glance

  • The Beats Fit Pro is automatically better for running, weightlifting, and other fitness activities thanks to its fins, though the Studio Buds Plus should work too.
  • Both offer features like active noise cancellation, USB-C charging, and quick pairing with Apple devices.
  • While each supports Android and Windows devices, some features (like Find My and Apple Spatial Audio) are reserved for Apple products.
  • Only the Studio Buds Plus supports Google’s Fast Pair, Audio Switch, and Find My Device.
  • Both products are IPX4 sweat/water-resistant, but not as durable as some other workout earbuds.
  • The Studio Buds Plus offers a superior case battery, stretching out the time between recharges.


Beats Fit Pro vs Beats Studio Buds Plus: Specs

Beats Fit ProBeats Studio Buds Plus
Dimensions and weightBeats Fit Pro

Bud: 0.75 x 1.18 x 0.94″, 5.6g

Case: 1.12 x 2.44 x 2.44″. 55.1g

Beats Studio Buds Plus

Bud: 0.59 x 0.81 x 0.73″, 5g

Case: 1 x 2.83 x 2″, 49g

Wireless connectivityBeats Fit Pro

Bluetooth 5.0
Apple H1 chip (for Automatic Switching, Audio Sharing, Siri)
Apple Find My support
Beats Studio Buds Plus

Bluetooth 5.3
Apple Find My/Google Find My Device support
Water resistanceBeats Fit Pro

IPX4 sweat/water resistance

Beats Studio Buds Plus

IPX sweat/water resistance

Battery life and chargingBeats Fit Pro

Case: 18 hours

Buds: 6 hours (ANC on)

USB-C charging

Beats Studio Buds Plus

Case: 27 hours

Buds: 6 hours (ANC on)

USB-C charging

Device compatibilityBeats Fit Pro

iOS/iPadOS, macOS, Android, Windows

Beats Studio Buds Plus

iOS/iPadOS, macOS, Android, Windows

Spatial audioBeats Fit Pro

Apple Spatial Audio
Dolby Atmos
Personalized head tracking (iPhone and iPad only)

Beats Studio Buds Plus

Apple Spatial Audio
Dolby Atmos

Noise cancellingBeats Fit Pro

ANC and Transparency modes

Beats Studio Buds Plus

ANC and Transparency modes

Ear tipsBeats Fit Pro

3 sizes

Beats Studio Buds Plus

4 sizes


Beats Fit Pro vs Beats Studio Buds Plus: Design and features

Lily Katz / Android Authority

The most obvious difference between the two is that the Fit Pros (above) have fins on each bud. They’re not there for looks — they help better anchor the buds in your ears, making them extremely hard to knock out during running or weightlifting, even if they’re not as secure as the hooks found on the Powerbeats Pro. The Studio Buds Plus aren’t as resilient, but should stay put most of the time as long as you’ve chosen the right ear tips. It’s a good thing, then, that they ship with four tip sizes versus the Fit Pros’ three.

Both products have an IPX4 rating against sweat and water, which should make them durable enough for most workouts and hot Texas summers. That said, serious athletes or people who naturally sweat a lot may want to choose something tougher, like Jabra’s Elite 7 Active.

As you might imagine, there’s a strong focus on Apple-exclusive features here. Both products support things like “Hey Siri,” quick NFC pairing to Apple devices, Apple Spatial Audio, and tracking via Apple’s Find My network. The Fit Pros lean even more heavily into this, sporting an H1 chip for automatic switching between Apple devices as well as Audio Sharing with other Apple/Beats headphones. They also allow personalized head tracking for spatial audio if you have an iPhone or iPad.

The Beats Studio Buds Plus accessories with all four sets of ear tips on display.

Lily Katz / Android Authority

If you want earbuds for an Android phone, you’ll probably prefer the Studio Buds Pro (above). While the Fit Pros will certainly work with non-Apple devices, only the Studio Buds Plus support Google’s Fast Pair, Audio Switch, and Find My Device features, mirroring their equivalents from the Apple world. That’s going to make them a lot more convenient unless you absolutely need the Fit Pros’ secure grip.

Another similarity is that each set of earbuds supports active noise cancellation (ANC) with a toggleable Transparency mode that will let in outside sounds, say if you’re talking to someone or need to hear oncoming traffic. Don’t expect the Adaptive Audio or Conversation Awareness options available to 2nd gen AirPods Pro owners, but those would just be icing on the cake for what’s already pretty solid ANC tech.

The last thing will note here is that the Studio Buds Plus are marginally lighter and smaller. In theory that could make them more comfortable, but in practice, the Fit Pros are already light and comfortable enough that it’s easy to forget you’re wearing them.


Beats Fit Pro vs Beats Studio Buds Plus: Battery life and charging

A hand holds the Beats Studio Buds Plus case.

Lily Katz / Android Authority

The products are effectively equal when it comes to on-bud battery life. You can expect about 6 hours of listening with ANC active, give or take, mostly depending on volume. That’s not enough to get through a whole workday without case time, but it’s still better than some earbuds, and you may be able to stretch that as far as 9 hours if you switch ANC off.

The earbuds’ cases may make a big difference. While the Fit Pro case provides another 18 hours of runtime, that number climbs to 27 hours for the Studio Buds Plus. That gives the Studio Buds a real advantage in travel, or simply in spacing out weekly plug-in sessions.

Whichever route you take, you’re going to be charging via a USB-C cable. There’s no wireless option, which might seem strange given Apple’s competition, and support on some AirPods models.


Beats Fit Pro vs Beats Studio Buds Plus: Price and availability

Beats Studio Buds Plus: $169.99

For price, the winner is clearly the Studio Buds Plus at $40 less. Bear in mind however that since the Fit Pros have been around since 2021, it’s easy to find them discounted. They’re now available in seven colors too, whereas there are only five for the Studio Buds Plus. Some people may gravitate towards the Studio Buds’ retro Transparent option.


Beats Fit Pro vs Beats Studio Buds Plus: Which should you buy?

A person wears the Beats Studio Buds Plus.

Lily Katz / Android Authority

If you’re planning to pair with an Android phone, you should almost certainly get the Studio Buds Plus, since Google’s Fast Pair, Audio Switch, and Find My Device features will make your experience a lot smoother. The possible exception is if you’ve had trouble keeping previous earbuds in place — Audio Switch hardly matters if your buds keep popping out. Again, the Studio Buds Plus should do fine most of the time, but the Fit Pros are great at staying locked.

The Beats Fit Pro noise cancelling true wireless earbuds in the open charging case and next to a Samsung Galaxy S10e with the Beats app open. The app has a purple tint to it, presumably to match the earphones.

Lily Katz / Android Authority

The Fit Pros win if that secure fit is a must for activity, or if you’re pairing with an iPhone or iPad. They get access to Apple’s automatic switching and audio-sharing features, not to mention personalized head tracking, even if that’s mostly useful for watching movies rather than listening to your gym playlist.

What’s your choice, the Beats Fit Pro or the Beats Studio Buds Plus?

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Beats Fit Pro



Beats Studio Buds Plus




Beats Fit Pro vs Beats Studio Buds Plus: FAQ

They have an IPX4 rating, which translates to sweat and water resistance, but they’re not truly waterproof.

No. You can only charge their cases via USB-C.

Both products have microphones for phone calls and voice controls.

Yes. They support Apple Spatial Audio, and through that, Dolby Atmos in compatible apps like Apple Music.


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