Q&A with Sundar Pichai on the future of work after lockdowns, unionization push by Google employees, changing perceptions of privacy, and more (Matt Murray/Wall Street Journal)
Facebook SMB calling example
Windows 11 in S Mode Windows 11 S
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an MSI gaming laptop with the MSI bird logo facing right.
Docs: Facebook user reports of "false news" hit ~40K per hour on Jan. 6; the account reported most often for inciting violence on Instagram was @realdonaldtrump (Washington Post)
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battery pack hub
Save $300 on the new MSI Delta 15 gaming laptop, and more gaming laptop deals
Facebook Brand Rights Protection
The Full Nerd ep. 194
Software Freedom Conservancy says TRUTH Social violates Mastodon's open source code licensing terms by not sharing its source code, gives it 30 days to comply (Adi Robertson/The Verge)
How To Leverage Social Proof Successfully
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