Apple has been making undeniably steady progress with earnings and revenue, despite challenges faced by the entire tech industry with supply chain issues and chip shortages. And now, Apple has scheduled its third-quarter earnings call with investors for July 28, reports AppleInsider. During these calls, Apple announces its earnings and other important metrics about the company and its growth.

Apple third fiscal quarter earnings to be announced on July 28

The investor conference call is expected to be lead by Apple CEO Tim Cook and CFO Luca Maestri, and they will detail earnings for the third quarter of 2022. The investor call is sheduled for 2:00 PM. Pacific, 5:00 PM. Eastern.

During these investor calls, Cook and Maestri talk about Apple’s overall financial health, and then dive into the details for the previous three-month period (the so-called quarter).

Apple has not given any predictions or expectations for the quarter that will be discussed (the third fiscal quarter of 2022 for Apple ends on June 30, 2022). The only thing Cupertino has previously mentioned is that some headwinds are expected, largely due to supply and manufacturing issues caused by the pandemic.

Nevertheless, we expect to see some pretty big numbers from the company that has recently been reported to rule the premium phone market with the iPhone 13 models. Almost two-thrids of all premium smartphones were iPhones for the quarter that ended in March.

And in terms of revenue, for the same quarter Apple reported $97.28 billion in revenue, an increase from the same quarter last year (which was reported at $89 billion). During this period, the company reported a staggering $50 billion in iPhone shipments, while its services revenue jumped to $19.82 billion (a 17.28% increase).

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