If you’re waiting to trade in your old Mac, iPad, or Apple Watch for a new model, bad news. Apple has lowered the estimated prices for all of these products, which means you’ll get less when trading in them for a new product by the company. The good news is that the iPhone value remains unchanged.

In addition, some Samsung and Google smartphones also saw their trade-in value lowered (via MacRumors). Apple Watch Series 2, which could get up to $20 in trade-in value, is no longer accepted.

That said, here’s what you can get with the new trade-in values:

MacBook Pro: up to $1,000 (previously up to $1,350)

MacBook Air: up to $400 (previously up to $490)

MacBook: up to $220 (previously up to $315)

iMac Pro: up to $1,500 (previously $2,135)

iMac: up to $850 (previously up to $1,200)

Mac Pro: Up to $2,000 (previously $2,720)

iPad Pro: up to $655 (previously $680)

iPad Air: up to $190 (previously up to $335)

iPad: up to $190 (previously up to $200)

iPad mini: up to $200 (previously up to $205)

Apple Watch Series 6: up to $150 (previously up to $170)

Apple Watch SE: up to $120 (previously up to $135)

Apple Watch Series 5: up to $120 (previously up to $135)

Apple Watch Series 4: up to $85 (previously up to $105)

Apple Watch Series 3: up to $50 (previously up to $70)

While it’s a bit complicated to speculate over trade-in values of iPads and Apple Watches, there could be a reason why Mac values dropped so much. With Apple completing the transition from Intel to its own chips, it’s only natural that Intel Macs are worth less than before.

For iPhones, on the other hand, Apple still gives up to $650 when trading in an iPhone 12 Pro Max. The company still accepts older iPhone 6s as a trade-in but offers only up to $30.

You can find the full list here.


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