A swanky pair of Beats-branded headphones may not feel like the most intuitive Mother’s Day gift idea for a lot of tech enthusiasts, but the Studio Buds are just discreet and elegant enough to work if you have a hip mom who cares about the quality of her tunes and being able to easily and efficiently drown out her surroundings during a particularly immersive listening session.

Of course, these bad boys come with both active noise cancellation and Transparency functionality, and given their $149.95 list price, the two features are almost surprisingly good. It goes without saying that a cool discount can make them even better… and the Beats Studio Buds one of the overall best Mother’s Day 2022 bargains available right now.

Of those, Amazon received US exclusivity rights over the Moon Gray version, which is unfortunately still available at its regular aforementioned price. Obviously, we would never recommend paying a $50 premium for a coat of paint, but if you’re not happy with the perfectly acceptable spec sheet and decidedly sleek design of the Studio Buds, you can always opt for the absolutely state-of-the-art Beats Fit Pro instead.

These might just be Apple’s best true wireless earbuds (yes, even better than the AirPods Pro… in many ways), which automatically makes them a prime candidate for the title of all-around best wireless earbuds you can buy to pair with an iPhone or Android handset today.

With top-notch active noise cancellation, Spatial Audio, dynamic head tracking, Apple H1 power, an IPX4 water-resistant design including flexible wingtips for “all-day” comfort and stability, and six hours of battery life upgradable to up to 24 hours when also considering their bundled “pocket-sized” charging case, the Fit Pro are currently marked down by $20 from a $199.95 list price.

By no means huge, this is actually the first-ever upfront discount offered by Amazon and one of the very few decent deals available… anywhere across the nation on brand-new units since the Beats Fit Pro made their commercial debut back in November 2021.

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