Amac’s Creative Phone Repair Advertisement Leaves the Design…

We don’t often report on a street advert design on WebDesignerDepot, but when we do, you can be certain it’s a particularly inventive one.

This creative Dutch street advert (pictured above) reached the top of Reddit’s r/​DesignPorn page last week, with several users commending Amac’s marketing team for their ingenuity.

At a glance, the billboard — which translates to ​iPhone broken? Let us fix it quickly” — appears to show a cracked phone screen. This alone would be fitting marketing, especially for a company that repairs and resells Apple products.

A closer inspection, however, reveals that the cracks in the screen actually depict a map of the local area — the city of Maastricht, Netherlands, to be precise. The pointer to the left of the advertisement indicates the store’s location. In short, if you’d like to get your cracked screen repaired, visit Amac at this location. Now, that’s clever.

Of course, not everyone is convinced the design is a success. One user commented that ​most people won’t realize it’s a map”. While this may be true for international audiences, consider that this advert is specifically directed at locals. One Redditor quickly replied that they live in the area and can immediately recognize the map due to the city’s distinct layout.

Like many of the greatest digital adverts, Amac’s design is so successful because it contains multiple messages. The cracked screen poses the problem. It’s sure to catch the attention of any passerby who’s damaged their phone. The map reveals the solution — visit Amac for a repair. It transforms what could be a fairly generic design into an ingenious advertisement.

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