This could be handy – LinkedIn is rolling out a new update that will enable you to sort your LinkedIn notifications stream based on post interactions or mentions specifically, which could make it easier to stay on top of the most relevant updates in the app.

As you can see in this example, shared by app researcher Radu Oncescu, some users are now seeing new ‘My Posts’ and ‘Mentions’ filters in their notifications stream, which makes it a little easier to quickly sort through your engagement indicators, and prioritize key interactions based on each.

And as noted by Lindsey Gamble, that could also enable LinkedIn to add additional tabs in future, like notifications from top creators, to help boost engagement with key influencers in the app.

LinkedIn’s notifications – in-app and via email – can sometimes be a little overzealous, with updates on relatively mundane things, that probably aren’t going to spark a heap of engagement.

Group posts, newsletters, job anniversaries – there’s a lot that LinkedIn can push to you in that stream, and while you can manage those notifications, and how often LinkedIn sends them, it may be helpful to have additional filters to streamline your in-app engagement.

And again, you can always turn them off via the three dots menu at the right of each notification in the tab.

You can also check in on celebrations in your network – job changes, birthdays, work anniversaries – via a dedicated ‘Celebrations’ tab whenever you like, so you probably don’t need to get these specific alerts in your Notifications tab.

But LinkedIn is very keen to keep those red prompts coming in, so you may need to do some weeding – and maybe, by having additional, simple filter tools, that could be a good way to ensure you stay on top of key interactions every day.  

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