You’ve no doubt heard TikTok’s audio branding cue many times, but have you ever stopped to consider what it actually represents?

Of course you haven’t, why would you? But in case you were wondering, TikTok has today provided some more insight into how it chose the sounds that it plays in the app, and its ‘sonic identity’, in line with usage trends and behaviors.

As per TikTok:

At TikTok, we’re constantly looking for ways to enhance the experience of our global community, and this includes harnessing the power of sound. As over 1 billion people around the world continue to turn to TikTok to be inspired, entertained and connect with one another, we wanted our sonic identity to reflect a similar experience. That’s why we created a simple two-beat onomatopoeic sonic logo with a melodic twist which evokes inspiration, authenticity and a sense of belonging.

The audio cue, and a longer track, was created by MassiveMusic, who are featured in the above clip.

TikTok says that its sonic identity represents the creativity, community, and entertainment focus of the app, with each element playing a part in showcasing another part of TikTok’s broader identity.

And now, it’s looking to enable users to further engage with the sound, via new ‘Sonic stickers’ which you can apply to your creations in the app.

The new stickers will give creators the opportunity to experiment with TikTok’s sonic identity, providing more ways for the community to engage with TikTok’s audio identity, and facilitate community around the same.

It’s a smaller element within the broader TikTok story, but it is interesting to note the work that goes into even the smallest detail, and how social platforms go about building their UI elements in line with usage behaviors and trends.

You can find the new sonic stickers via TikTok’s Sounds Library in the app.

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