TikTok’s looking to celebrate the gaming community this month, with a range of live broadcasts, events, and activations, as part of its ‘Gaming on TikTok’ event.

As explained by TikTok:

TikTok has quickly become a go-to destination for gaming, with over 3 trillion video views for gaming content globally in 2022. From gameplay and tutorials to cosplay and memes, TikTok is where gaming culture and entertainment collide, allowing our global community of gamers to connect with each other in fun, authentic, and creative ways.

Gaming is arguably the most influential element of modern online culture, and, as such, it makes sense that it’s a big part of TikTok as well, facilitating a range of trends and content shifts that align with the presentation format of the app.

Which could also make it a valuable destination for gaming companies, and those looking to reach gaming users. 3 trillion views is a lot, and that interest could spell big opportunities for those that are able to link into the gaming discussion in the app.

Throughout June, TikTok will collaborate with a range of gaming partners to cover key gaming events, including Summer Games Fest, the upcoming Xbox showcase event, and more.

TikTok is also launching a ‘30 Days of #GamingonTikTok’ event:

“From June 1 to 30, we’ve lined up a month full of dedicated programming to bring our community closer to the action and amplify all the things that make #GamingonTikTok so special, including LIVE showcases from the industry’s top events, new CapCut gaming templates, and more.”

The #GamingonTikTok hashtag will connect all of these discussions, as TikTok looks to celebrate and highlight key creators and events within the community.

It could be a good opportunity to tap into the broader gaming discussion in the app, and learn who the biggest influencers are within the respective gaming communities, which could then help guide your focus in targeting relevant partners for future campaigns.

And if you have a gaming-specific angle for your products or services, now may be the time to launch your TikTok push.

You can read more about TikTok’s 30 Days of #GamingonTikTok’ event here.

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