LinkedIn is testing out yet another way to integrate generative AI into its systems, this time with copy suggestions in Campaign Manager, to help you come up with more effective wording for your LinkedIn ads.

As you can see in this example, LinkedIn’s new generative AI option for ad creation will use ‘your company page, campaign insights and the power of AI’ to suggest multiple variations of ad copy and headline, to help guide your ad creation process. At the bottom left of the composer, you can see the various suggestions that LinkedIn’s AI system – powered by OpenAI (via Microsoft’s partnership with the company) – has come up with for the ad, so you can consider different approaches, based on what the AI system thinks might work best.

LinkedIn says that the process will factor in a range of elements, including your ad objective, the targeting criteria you’re using, and the audience you’re looking to reach, to refine the copy suggestions, which, ideally, will make it easier to come up with more effective, engaging wording for your LinkedIn campaigns.

Though it does also feel like LinkedIn is becoming increasingly robotic. The platform’s currently integrating AI-generated profile summaries, AI–assisted job descriptions, its in-development AI post creation prompts, an AI InMail assistant, and generative AI messages for job candidates within its Recruiter platform.

That’s a lot, and it does seem like, increasingly, LinkedIn is going to be hosting a lot of bot-generated content, engaging with other bot responders in the app. Given the scale of AI integrations, that almost seems inevitable, and considering that LinkedIn is a platform for showcasing personal expertise and capability, that also seems like it could be problematic, in presenting a skewed view of who people actually are, and their professional capabilities, in the app.

Like, of all social platforms, LinkedIn would be the worst for misrepresentation, given that hiring managers are making calls on candidates based on their LinkedIn activity.

As such, over time, the increasing amount of AI-generated content could reduce trust in the app, and that doesn’t seem like an ideal situation for a platform that’s reliant on representing professional credibility.

Still, according to LinkedIn’s data, 56% of professionals are keen to use generative AI to ‘create more content in less time’.

Given the broader trends, LinkedIn sees this as an opportunity – but again, these additions will lead to a lot of AI-generated content flowing into its system.

Like a lot, a lot.

LinkedIn says that it’s starting to test its new generative AI elements in Campaign Manager with a small group of customers in North America, before expanding it to more regions ‘in the coming months’.

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