Looking to up your TikTok marketing game?

The platform has announced some new additions to its ‘TikTok Academy’ learning resource, which provides simple, free overviews of how to utilize various elements of the platform to best effect.

Originally launched in October last year, with only two courses to take, TikTok has now expanded its curriculum to 17 total courses, with five more units added recently to boost your TikTok understanding.

The latest additions are:

  • Celebrating Diverse Cultures on TikTok learn how to engage with multicultural communities on TikTok.
  • Developing Always-Engaged Strategies – develop your paid, organic, and creator-led content approaches to maximize your TikTok presence.
  • TikTok Fundamentals – which is focused on developing more effective TikTok ad campaigns
  • Creative Codes – which covers six key best practices for creating TikTok content
  • Lead Generation – generate more leads from your TikTok marketing efforts

Each course includes a range of visual examples and insights, helping to underline the key notes.

TikTok Academy

And while, as with most of these types of courses, a lot of it is common knowledge for most marketers, it is worth taking these refreshers either way, as they often include nuggets of info that you hadn’t considered, or weren’t aware of at all.

TikTok’s also looking to launch more courses later this year, focused on commerce and retail, effective content creation, and brand safety. In combination with the existing resources, that’ll provide a range of ways to up your TikTok knowledge, and ensure that you’re getting the most out of your TikTok marketing efforts.

Of course, for TikTok, there’s also the concern that it might not even be available soon, due to potential bans of the app. That could see some marketers hesitate in investing too much time and effort into the platform – but right now, it remains the entertainment app of the moment, especially for younger user groups, and until a ban is enacted or not, it looks likely to stay that way.

As such, it’s worth preparing for it to be around for some time yet, and these helpful explainers could go a long way towards improving your TikTok approach.

You can check out TikTok Academy here.

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