Pinterest has announced a new slate of programming for Pride Month, including dedicated live streams, shopping spotlights, and a new partnership with RuPaul’s Drag Race winner Sasha Colby.

Colby will share exclusive content, as well as a curated board of beauty tips and advice. Colby, a long-time Pinterest user, will also use the occasion to highlight how the platform can empower positivity and expression for all users.

Pinterest is also partnering with Tastemade on a range of new video series that’ll highlight LGBTQ+ creators, businesses, notable drag artists, and more.

Pinterest will also be hosting a range of related promotions in the app.

Throughout Pride Month, Pinterest will be highlighting several LGBTQIA+ creators on Today’s inspiration. People can discover ideas for self-expression, wellness, LGBTQIA+ travel destinations and more. Pinners will discover products from LGBTQIA+ brands within Shopping Spotlights on Pinterest in the US, Canada, the UK, Australia, Germany, France, Brazil, Mexico, Spain and Italy.”

Pinterest says that user interest in gender expression and queer fashion and beauty is on the rise, with searches for terms like ‘understanding gender’ (+550%), ‘non-binary outfits’ (+355%), and ‘non-binary haircuts long’ (+405%) all gaining significant traction in recent months.

As it seeks to be a home for positivity and inclusion, it’s important for Pinterest to highlight and celebrate the LGBTQ+ community, and showcase these creators – which could also provide more opportunities for brands on Pinterest to connect with users via themed tie-in promotions.

You can learn more about Pinterest’s Pride Month events here.

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