When people feel better, they’re likely to spend more money, which is not a major revelation, but could point to new opportunities for your marketing and promotion efforts.

According to new research shared by Pinterest, conducted in conjunction with Morning Consult, more positive environments are more beneficial for brand messaging, and Pinterest, in particular, is a more positive, beneficial space.

As per Pinterest:

“The research shows that positive environments drive impact for brands at every stage of the purchase funnel. When they’re in a positive space, 6 in 10 American adults agree that they’re more likely to remember brands they encounter online (56%), feel positive about brands they encounter online (59%), trust brands they see in a positive space (56%) and ultimately make a purchase from a brand (54%).

Again, that’s not a big surprise – people will feel more positively about things that they’re shown when they’re already in a more positive headspace.

Logically, this makes sense, but the variation that Pinterest is seeking to highlight is that other social apps, like Facebook and Twitter, have long had issues with negative experiences, through argument and debate.

Indeed, Facebook recently sought to remove political content from the app entirely, after user feedback indicated that it negatively impacted the user experience, while new Twitter chief Elon Musk is keen to expose users to more content that contradicts their own point of view, as a means, ideally, to enhance broader understanding. Which, research shows, it’s unlikely to do, with people generally just getting more upset when confronted by argumentative content.

Within this, Pinterest is trying to separate itself, by focusing on enhancing positivity, which is delivering results.

As per Pinterest:

“Pinterest remains an online oasis, with 2 out of 3 users saying they feel positive after interacting with the platform. This feeling increases with frequency as 78% of weekly Pinners feel positive after interacting with Pinterest.”

I don’t know that ‘oasis’ is the term I’d go with, but the research does show that Pinners tend to have more positive experiences in the app, which could be a key factor in driving improved brand perception and performance.

It’s another factor to consider in your marketing approach, with Pinterest’s focus on product discovery also potentially providing more opportunity to maximize your outreach efforts.

Away from the angst of other apps, maybe Pinterest could be another way to enhance brand perception and marketing performance.

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