Looking to improve your understanding of AR, and how to build your own AR experiences, for yourself and/or your business?

This will help – today, Snapchat has launched a new Snap AR Learning Hub, which will provide a new way to learn the fundamentals of AR creation, and how to apply them in Snap’s Lens Studio tools.

As you can see in this example, the new AR education experience will take you through all the core elements of AR creation, which could be your first step in a new creation journey.

As explained by Snap:

“The Snap AR Learning Hub is a new way to learn about the augmented reality field, and gain the skills for a career in AR. For beginners who want to learn the foundations of creating AR in Lens Studio, we’re offering a new set of courses with more than a dozen free lessons. The Learning Hub also includes tutorials, livestreams, and documentation to help intermediate and advanced creators.

AR looks set to become a far more significant consideration in digital marketing, with Meta and Apple both developing their own variations of AR wearables that are set to be made available to consumers in the next few years.

That timeline has been pushed out slightly, due to the broader economic downturn, which has forced all big tech companies to reassess their projects. But they are still on the cards – while Snap is also still developing its own AR-enabled Spectacles, which could also see a release sometime in the near future.

The broader industry view is that the metaverse will eventually become the key engagement platform for all kinds of digital interactions – which, from Meta’s perspective at least, will largely be aligned around VR, and fully immersive headsets. But AR could be just as, if not more transformative, with people eventually able to overlay digital information on their real world view, via fashionable, acceptable glasses, which could potentially facilitate even more use cases than the VR environment.

Both technologies will likely be intertwined, but AR could have huge potential for more engaging, immersive promotions, while also providing new Try On capacity, games, entertainment, etc.

As such, understanding the fundamentals of AR could be hugely valuable, and this new course could be a first step towards more advanced promotions for your business.

You can learn more about Snap’s AR Learning Hub here, while you can also check out some of the latest, most innovative Snap AR Lenses here.

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