TikTok’s celebrating Pride Month with a range of in-app and physical activations that will highlight LGBTQ creators and their work.

First off, TikTok has announced its first-ever Pride Visionary Voices List, which recognizes both individual creators and small businesses that are making an impact in the LGBTQ+ community via their TikTok presence.

As per TikTok:

“The first-ever LGBTQ+ Visionary Voices List honors visionary LGBTQ+ creatives, small business owners and culture disruptors on TikTok who are making an impact in their industries and raising the bar across culture and entertainment. Our honorees reflect backgrounds in beauty, education, fashion, food, music, dance, activism and more.”

The selected creators and their work will be highlighted throughout the app in June, including via TikTok’s official channels and in-app discovery surfaces.

TikTok will also be promoting LGBTQ+ non-profit organizations, while it’ll also showcase Pride playlists throughout the app.

TikTok’s also hosting its first-ever TikTok Pride Creator Ball in LA.

Finally, TikTok will also be hosting a series of themed live events, including a ‘Pride on LIVE’ creator-led panel on June 15th.

“The panel will be live-streamed from the @tiktoklive_us account and will feature conversations and programming with creators surrounding their career and representing the LGBTQ+ community. Be sure to follow @tiktok and @tiktoklive_us for more info on our programming and LIVE schedule lineup!”

TikTok has become a key platform for expression, for many communities, with its discovery and content-matching elements helping to bring users together over a range of interests. That expands to the LGBTQ+ community, with TikTok helping to connect users, and unite people through shared experiences – which has helped many young people experiencing their own journey to connect with others, and find their voice.

As such, TikTok already plays an important role in the broader community, and can play an even bigger role in maximizing acceptance through its expanded reach and resonance.

Which is why these Pride Month initiatives are so important, and it’s good to see TikTok looking to play a more active role in highlighting key voices and creators.

You can learn more about TikTok’s Pride Month activations here.

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