Hey, are you heading to Cannes this year for the annual ad industry gathering?

Yeah, me neither, but for those who are lucky enough to be embarking on the trip, Pinterest will be hosting a new activation in Cannes, where it will seek to highlight its potential value to tipsy ad execs.

Pinterest’s ‘Manifestival’ is essentially a showcase of some of the key creative and engagement trends that are gaining steam on the platform right now, which, as noted, will ideally help to convince ad decision-makers that they should be spending more dollars on Pin campaigns.

And if that doesn’t work, Pinterest will be plying them with ice cream and mini-croissants as well.

Also tattoos. Because how many corporate events have you been to that you’ve thought ‘Man, if only I could get a tattoo, right here and now, to commemorate how cool this experience has been’?

Mocking aside, the Manifestival activation is Pinterest’s latest push to maximize ad spend in the app, and build its business. Pinterest has spent the last five years transitioning from a social platform into a fully-fledged product discovery and shopping app, and now, it’s looking to take the next steps in building its ad business on this front, by leaning into the various trends and behaviors in the app.

And Pinterest still has a lot of opportunity, especially on the international front, with Pin ads yet to gain significant traction in markets outside the US.

Pinterest Q1 2023

The spells potential, which Pinterest is looking to showcase with this new activation, which will seek to highlight more of what the app is about.

I mean, for us non-Cannes plebs, it doesn’t mean a heap, but it could be a good way to better ingratiate Pins with these influential representatives.

You can read more about Pinterest’s ‘Manifestival’, and even RSVP, here.

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