Good news for social media managers, with Meta adding Instagram Stories posting capacity into its Instagram Graph API, which means that third-party posting tools will soon be able to facilitate Stories posting, and scheduling, making it easier to manage your content from a single platform.

As per Meta:

The Instagram Graph API enables Instagram Business accounts to publish up to 25 single images, videos, reels (i.e. single media posts), or posts containing multiple images and videos (carousel posts) per day using third-party developer platforms. This API enhancement will be available for the current version, v16.0, and all previous versions of the Graph API. As there are no new endpoints or permissions, Stories will become automatically available for developers who already have access to the Content Publishing API.

It could be a big help for those managing Stories posting through apps like Hootsuite, adding another element into your primary dashboard for posting. I personally prefer posing via native app tools as much as possible, as it can provide a more accurate reflection of how your post will look in the preview, but having more capability to stay across all aspects of your presence from a single platform is also beneficial, in many ways.

Your management platform will now need to integrate the new update before making it available in their apps, which you can likely expect some time soon.

And with Stories now one of the key engagement surfaces in the app, more so than the main feed, it’s definitely worth considering if and how this might change your Stories posting strategy.

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