TikTok’s looking to add more support for musicians in the app, via a new Artist Impact Program which will help lesser-known artists add their music to TikTok’s Commercial Music Library, to then be considered for use in ad campaigns.

As explained by TikTok:

The program allows artists to monetize their music on TikTok by enabling businesses to use it in their content, giving them unprecedented opportunities to be discovered and re-discovered in markets around the world. To fuel the pipeline of talent and artist-driven music on the Commercial Music Library, TikTok has signed a number of global distribution partnerships with the likes of Believe, DistroKid and Vydia, giving artists the opportunity to tap into advertising budgets from brands featuring them in their TikTok campaigns.”

That could help more musicians get recognized via ad campaigns, while also giving advertisers access to unknown tracks that can help in their branding efforts.

TikTok says that there are now over a million sounds and songs available for use in its Commercial Music Library, providing a broad range of options for brands to consider, while also ensuring that artists can get paid for such usage in the app.

TikTok has become a key promotional platform for musicians, with in-app trends sparking major commercial hits, based on user engagement and usage. Indeed, many musicians have used TikTok fame as a springboard for their career, with some even now naming their songs with TikTok in mind, underlining the significance of the app in the music industry.

Given this, it makes sense for TikTok to add more options for music monetization and promotion in the app, while it’s also launched a range of other initiatives, like its SoundOn program, which provides another means for independent artists to upload and license their tracks for use on TikTok, and its new ‘Work with Artists’ option, which enables musicians to offer incentives for users to add their tracks to their clips.

TikTok Work with Artists

The more TikTok can build this element, the more valuable it becomes as a cultural force, which will spark more interest in the app.

And the more creators and labels that rely on TikTok for promotion, the more voices it will have in its corner in its battle to avoid a ban in the US, and other regions.

These new initiatives could provide a range of benefits, with brands set to get access to a lot more music options as a result.

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