TikTok has held its third annual ‘TikTok World’ event today, where it’s shared new insight into its latest product developments, ad tools, and creator options, along with strategy tips and pointers to help businesses grow their TikTok presence.

And even if you didn’t catch the live event, you can still get up to date on all the announcements, with TikTok also launching a new ‘TikTok World Hub’ mini-site, which provides a central space for all of the featured elements.

The TikTok World Hub includes video presentations from the event, covering the latest creator tools and options, including eCommerce elements, improving ad tools and more.

There are also links to a range of guides that can help to improve your TikTok marketing approach.

TikTok World Hub

Within this, TikTok has also published two new guides – ‘Creative Codes’, an overview of the key principles that drive standout creative in the app, as well as a 4-page explainer of TikTok creative principles.

TikTok World Hub

The ‘Creative Codes’ guide is the better of the two, highlighting a range of key principles and approaches to help maximize your TikTok content efforts.

TikTok World Hub

There were no major updates announced as part of the TikTok World event, but TikTok has provided some valuable insights into what works best in the app, and what it’s working in as it continues to develop its ad tools.

If you’re marketing on TikTok, it’s worth tuning in, and reading through the various guide notes to ensure that you’re maximizing your potential in the app.

You can check out the TikTok World Hub here.

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