TikTok has announced the date for its third annual ‘TikTok World’ event, where it’ll share insight into its latest product developments, ad tools, and creator options, along with strategy tips and pointers to help grow your TikTok presence.

TikTok World 2023 will be held on May 9th, with people able to tune in online to various information sessions and keynotes.

As per TikTok:

In 2023, we’re sharpening our focus to help you maximize ROI with smart automation and entertainment-forward ads. This May 9th, we invite you to explore the next generation of solutions on TikTok, all designed For You.

The event will feature TikTok product experts who’ll share the platform’s evolving strategy, ‘covering trust, efficiency, and simplicity’, as well as TikTok-first formats that drive value and results.

The platform still remains in a state of limbo, to some degree, as the White House considers a total ban of the app in the US, as a result of ongoing tensions with the Chinese Government. The US and China have clashed on several key fronts, including Chinese aggression towards neighboring nations, and its tacit support of Russia’s invasion of Ukraine – and the more that these concerns continue to simmer, the more it increases fears around potential spying on US citizens via the app.

TikTok has already been banned on most government-issued devices as a result, in the US, and in several other nations, and it feels like one more incident, just one more push on this front, and the US will be compelled to act, which could lead to more widespread TikTok bans in aligned states.

It still seems like an alternative solution would likely be established in that case, but depending on how quickly a ban may be implemented, there could be a significant disruption, at the least, for the app if this happens.

With this in mind, some marketers may be hesitant to build more reliance on the app, but it’s worth understanding your opportunities either way, and seeing what TikTok’s building, which could still offer significant value in your promotions.

TikTok World 2023 will be available to watch on May 9th through the dedicated TikTok World hub, where you can currently add a calendar reminder for the event.

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