While the other social apps continue to reform their core offerings, and re-shape their audience focus, LinkedIn has continued on its own steady path, which has seen it progressively add more members, and boost user engagement.

Indeed, the professional social network is now up to 930 million total members, up from the 900 million it reported back in January.

As you can see in its updated member map, LinkedIn continues to add more users around the world, with its biggest member gains over the last three months coming in India (+4 million), the US (+3 million) and Brazil (+2 million).

Though it’s important to note here that this is ‘total members’ not ‘active users’, which is the more commonly reported social platform metric. LinkedIn shares data on the total number of people who’ve signed up to the platform, not actives, so we don’t know exactly how many of these people are actually engaging in the app day-to-day.

Though LinkedIn has reported seeing ‘record levels of engagement’ once again, via parent company Microsoft’s quarterly update, with sessions up 15% in the most recent period.

Though as we’ve noted previously, what that means also isn’t entirely clear. LinkedIn has reported ‘record levels of engagement’ in every update since 2018, but without insight into the metrics behind that claim, it’s hard to take too much from that.

But still, LinkedIn has more people signed up to the app than ever, closing in on a billion members, and a lot of them are using it more than they have in the past. Specifics aside, that may be enough to prompt further consideration of your LinkedIn presence, and how you can maximize your reach with this expanding audience.

LinkedIn’s also added a range of ChatGPT type assistant tools, fueled by Microsoft’s partnership with OpenAI, which can help improve your profile, and other elements, which could be another consideration for those looking to give the app more focus.

It’s worth considering, as the platform continues to expand its reach, and boost in-stream engagement among active users.

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