YouTube’s launching a new video series that will look at emerging trends on the platform, in order to help creators, and marketers, get a better understanding of the latest shifts.

As explained by YouTube:

Today, we’re launching a new series where we surface trends that really pop, that our experts are seeing around the world on YouTube. Whether you’re looking for inspiration for your next video, general YouTube knowledge, or opportunities to get ahead of rising trends, here are some key trends and insights to chew on.

As you can see in the above video, the new monthly video series will highlight five top trends, as identified by YouTube’s team, and will explain what the trend is, how it works, and how you can adapt it for your content.

The series is mostly focused on assisting creators, but the insights obviously apply to marketers as well, and there are some interesting data notes and tips presented, which could help guide your approach.

In the first episode, hosted by Jade Beason, the five emerging trends highlighted are:

  • Virtual Humans – Aligned with the rise of AI, Virtual Humans are digitally-rendered personas with hyper-realistic appearances
  • Narrative Horror – YouTube says that it’s seen a rise in creators using vintage media effects – from TV broadcasts, VHS tapes, and old films – to enhance their horror stories
  • Majorette Dancing – Typically associated with marching bands, Majorette Dancing is taking on a new life via YouTube creators
  • Wash Day Routine – These videos detail the unique techniques, products, and tools used by people with textured hair
  • Nail Art – Nail Art clips saw a cumulative 5 billion views globally last year

There could be some interesting, and relevant, trends highlighted for your creative efforts, which tie into your branding and promotion push.

YouTube plans to publish more trend overviews monthly, and it may be worth tuning in, and staying on top of the latest rising trends.

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