This could be handy for creators looking to build a business around their personal brand.

LinkedIn’s rolling out a new option for LinkedIn Premium subscribers that’ll enable users to add a custom CTA button to their profile, which will then direct profile visitors to a specified URL from your LinkedIn presence.

As explained by LinkedIn:

For many of our Premium Business subscribers, their LinkedIn profile is crucial for connecting to new business opportunities. That’s why we’re starting to roll out a new Custom Button that provides the option to add a personalized call-to-action to their profile.”

Important to note here that this is specifically for Premium Business users, which is slightly more expensive than Premium Career, the cheapest of LinkedIn’s Premium packages.

As you can see in the above sequence, the new ‘Custom Button’ option will be available in your profile settings, and will provide six preset CTA options to choose from:

  • Visit my store
  • Visit my website
  • View my portfolio
  • Visit my blog
  • Request a consultation
  • Sign up for a demo

Once you’ve chosen the button you want, you can then enter the URL of your choice, and as you can see in the last screenshot, that’ll then see add a large CTA button to the top action options when viewing your profile.

Which could be a good way to prompt more direct traffic from your LinkedIn presence, with an expanded array of options to promote your business offerings.

Though it is limited to paying users – and it’s interesting to see yet another social app looking to provide additional functionality for paying users, as a means to generate extra income from their subscription elements.

Twitter, of course, is leading the charge here, as it tries to push more users to pay for Twitter Blue, while Meta’s also now selling its own ‘Meta Verified’ program, and Snapchat has seen good results with Snapchat+.

There are significant variances in each program – and I maintain that selling verification checkmarks is not a viable, long-term pathway for this element. But add-on functionalities can be valuable, and while LinkedIn already provides some extra features for paying users, it’ll be interesting to see whether it looks to add in more tools like this to entice more subscriptions.

For context, around 6% of LinkedIn members currently pay for LinkedIn Premium, which is comparatively good take-up for a social media subscription offering. Snapchat+ is currently used by around 0.33% of Snap users, while Twitter Blue take-up is at 0.26%

A key benefit of LinkedIn Premium is that it does provide some advantages for job seekers – and if LinkedIn can add in more functionality, it could become a more significant offering for the app.

LinkedIn says that the Custom Button is currently available to a small subset of LinkedIn Premium subscribers, and will be rolled out to more members ‘over the coming weeks.

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