TikTok has published a new guide on how to create effective influencer marketing campaigns in the app, which incorporates learnings from the best performing videos on its Creator Marketplace brand connection platform.

As explained by TikTok:

We analyzed more than 300 top-performing videos from the Creator Marketplace, TikTok’s official platform for brand-partner collaborations, looking for patterns among the videos with the highest engagement rates. Then we validated our findings with first-party research to make sure they aligned with user sentiments (which they did.)

The result is an 11-page overview of key connection and creation techniques to help improve your creator collaborations, including notes on how to plan your campaigns, how to connect with the right influencers, and more.

You can download the full ‘Making Creator Marketing Easy’ guide here, but in this post, we’ll look at some of the key notes.

First off, TikTok provides some key insights into why creator collaborations are successful in the app, based on user insights.

Creator campaigns also give your ads a more organic feel, which can be hard to simulate, by utilizing the expertise of platform experts to better align your messaging.

The guide then provides specific insights on how to create an effective influencer marketing promotion in the app.

TikTok Creator marketing Guide

Each of these elements is then further broken down, providing more data and tips on how to establish a creation process for your collaborations.

TikTok Creator Marketing Guide

There are also notes on how to find the right creators for your campaigns.

TikTok Creator Marketing Guide

While there’s also a TL;DR one-pager which gathers all the key influencer connection notes.

TikTok Creator Marketing Guide

It’s a handy guide, which could help you formulate a more effective approach to influencer collaborations in the app, which, again, has proven to be a key approach for many TikTok marketers.

Tap into the right influencers, with reach to the right communities, and it could deliver big benefits.

You can download the full ‘Making Creator Marketing Easy’ guide here

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