LinkedIn’s looking to help businesses further showcase their alignment with causes, with a new expansion of its Company Commitments feature, which it initially launched back in September.

LinkedIn’s Commitments element enables brands to showcase their most important values on their Company Page.

LinkedIn says that this has been beneficial for connecting with like-minded staff, and building a company brand, so it’s now expanding these Commitments listings to job ads as well.

As per LinkedIn:

Company’s commitments – such as work-life balance, diversity, equity and inclusion (DEI), career growth and learning, social impact, and environmental sustainability – will now automatically show up in the Job Details when you post a job. We’re also introducing a new job search filter so job seekers can easily discover open roles at your organization based on these commitments.

Companies will also be able to share their Commitments within feed posts, providing a range of ways to showcase this element to more LinkedIn members.

LinkedIn’s also adding a new way for prospective employees to register their interest in working for your organization, via a new ‘I’m interested’ button on your Company Page.

“Now, if a job seeker clicks the ‘I’m interested’ button on your LinkedIn Page, it will automatically share the job seeker’s LinkedIn Profile in a new Spotlights tab in Recruiter, making it easier to identify engaged candidates for current and future open roles.

LinkedIn Company Commitments

This, in combination with your Commitments listing, will help your business connect with more aligned staff, and build a stronger recruitment pipeline for future opportunities.

It’s an interesting initiative from LinkedIn. The COVID pandemic prompted many people to reassess how they’re spending their time, and what’s truly important to them, which has seen elements like flexible work become more important considerations.

Giving businesses the opportunity to showcase specific causes and elements that they support plays a role in this, by helping job seekers in their selection of relevant employers, which can lead to happier staff, and better connection to the same goals.

The capacity to share this on LinkedIn is an important benefit, which could see more businesses looking to recruit in the app.

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