6 Technologies to Try for the New School Year

Technology overload is definitely a thing. The more is not the merrier. Here are a few EdTech products for you to check out, but MAYBE you should try one. Tools do not teach. There is no panacea. With any tool, you must start with pedagogy and choose a tool that helps to improve the pedagogy. Here are 6 technologies to try for the new school year but focus on what your goal is before deciding if this is something that will improve teaching and learning.

6 Technologies to Try for the New School Year

1. Goal: Students Are More Creative

Creativity is that NOT all students are doing the same thing. One way to encourage creativity is to allow students to decide how they will present their understanding of the learning objective.

Book Creator is a digital tool that allows you to create interactive books. You can add text, images, videos, and audio to your books. Book Creator is a great tool for students who want to create their own stories, textbooks, or even comic books.

Since students can utilize multimedia they have many options for how they can creativity demonstrate their learning.

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