5 Ways Google Bard is Better than ChatGPT

Generative AI is the newest disruptive technology that will change not just education but nearly every sector of society. ChatGPT is probably the most famous example, but did you know that Google has a ChatGPT rival called Google Bard? You can use Google Bard to write lesson plans, reply to parent emails, design fun teacher parties, and more! Best of all, Bard is completely free. Here are 10 ways that Google Bard is better than ChatGPT:

Beta Testing Google Bard – ChatGPT Alternative

First, be aware that Google Bard is in Beta. It is far from perfect. I will be the first to admit there are some things that ChatGPT does better than Google Bard. The keyword however is, YET. Constantly improving, Google Bard is nipping at the heels of ChatGPT and will likely equal or surpass it soon.

Free OTIS Webinar with Alice Keeler

Want to learn more about Google Bard? Join me for FREE on August 10th for an online course “Meet Google Bard, Your Free ChatGPT Alternative“. Can’t make the live presentation? Register free to access the recording after the event. If you are having trouble registering try making a free OTIS account and accessing the course from the OTIS events calendar.

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