5 Tips for Maximizing Your Instagram Broadcast Channel [Infographic]

Have you tried out Instagram’s ‘Channels’ broadcast chat feature yet?

Launched back in February, but only expanded to all users with a Creator profile this month, Channels is essentially a one-to-many messaging option, which is designed to help creators and celebrities stay in touch with their most dedicated supporters, through a more enclosed chat experience.

This could be a valuable means to keep your top fans updated – especially when you also consider that most users have their notifications switched on for DMs, ensuring that they’re alerted whenever they get a message.

And while it’s not available to brand accounts just yet, it could also become an option for customer connection also, providing another means to alert your audience to your latest business announcements.

If you’re thinking about exploring the option, then these tips are for you – Instagram has shared some new notes on how to make the best use of Channels to maximize engagement and community.

Some handy tips – check out the infographic below.

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