5 Reasons Merlyn AI Teacher Assistant is a Game Changer

I fell in love with Merlyn the first time I saw it demonstrated. My passion is for a student-centered classroom. Finally, a technology to free me from being stuck at the front of the room. Learn more at merlyn.org.

Merlyn is an AI powered Teacher Assistant that is voice activated.

AI Teacher Assistant

In a nutshell, Merlyn is a device that connects to your computer to allow you to use voice commands to remotely control your computer. You will need to log into the Teacher Portal and install the Chrome Extension and desktop application. There are 2 ways to communicate with Merlyn. The Symphony Classroom is a speaker/microphone combo that allows you or students to simply shout out “Hey Merlyn” with your request. This can be disabled if desired. The other way is through the handy remote with the push-to-talk button. This eliminates the need to say “Hey Merlyn.”

I Did My Presentation Hands-Free

Recently at the InnEdCO conference, I did a session demonstrating Merlyn. My goal was to set my computer up on one side of the ballroom and never go near it. This allowed me to be 100% out amongst the audience. Normally, when doing live demos, I would need to keep running back to my computer or be stuck at my computer. Not anymore!

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