3 Essential Design Trends, August 2023 – ENGRMKS & CO

Here’s what’s trending in design this month.

1. Round, Animated Text Elements

Everywhere you look, there seem to be spinning circles of text. While these elements aren’t the easiest to read, they are intriguing to the user.

What are you supposed to do with this spinning content? Click? Just look at it.

Usage can vary greatly by design, but one thing is certain. It gets your attention, and designers seem to love this technique right now.

In almost all uses of round text elements, there’s a circular motion that accompanies the text. For the most part, the motion spins clockwise – this follows natural readability – although that’s not always the case. Another commonality is that these elements often contain only a few words, further aiding readability.

Here are three examples of doing it in similar but different ways.

Thirteen23 uses a large spinning text element over the main headline to draw attention. The motion actually shifts between clockwise and counter-clockwise with a mouse hover.

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