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“Take 5 minutes to try this yourself before we move on.” How many times do you need to set a timer during class before moving on to the next thing? What if the timer was just built into your Google Slides? Google Certified Innovator, Clay Smith, has a Chrome Extension that does this like magic!! This is FREE! (If you like it, please consider buying Clay a cup of coffee)

Install the Chrome Extension

The way it works is through a Chrome Extension. It collects NO user data and is safe! I personally know Clay. This extension is safe for all educators to install. You can find the extension under the Chrome extension shelf puzzle piece. It is not necessary to pin the extension as it will work even if it is hidden. However, if you right-click on the extension icon it will show you some tips for how to use it.

ANY Google Slides

In any of your Google Slides, Slides Timer will work!

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